Anti-aging 101: Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence


Being a 26-year-old woman with oily skin, I have often been told how lucky I am. The ones who told me that would be people with dryer skin who claims that they age much more quickly than an oily person does.  Me, being also acne prone, sought comfort in those words and quickly misled myself that I do not age at all for now.  Thus, my skincare focus was on acne, acne, acne, oil control, PIH fading, acne, acne, acne, then perhaps after a couple hundreds of other acne medication wishlist items, an anti aging product.

This was until I stumbled upon Glow Recipe’s rave (link) about this magical anti-aging product.

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My Skincare Journey


I spent my teenage life not taking care of myself in the appearance department, not caring if what I wear match or if my hair does not look like a dead rat’s (seriously my mother often screamed as I returned from the hair salon after a haircut: why do you make yourself look like you have typhoid??).  While I will never attempt to understand my mom’s train of thought, I will tell you what has changed for me. Continue reading “My Skincare Journey”